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Collection: Orijit Sen's Artwork

Early in life, I saw that artists can transform something very painful into something very beautiful - through music, literature, poetry and visual art. I read a lot, about Guevara and Frantz Fanon and artists like Goya, Mayakovsky, Chittoprosad…  their ideas and art could withstand that which their bodies could not. All of this awakened in me the realisation that there is much beauty and joy and belonging in the world of art.

I feel that an artist’s true calling is to engage the outer and the inner worlds and build bridges between them. His or her individual, inner experiments and explorations remain incomplete till it is expressed in the outer world in some form, and tested in the fires of society. We are all trapped in a world driven not by grace and truth but by greed and injustice. As an artist, I cannot be fully happy while the society around me is sick. That connection is what drives much of my work. I try to distill my anger and despair into something that has a power - to reveal, to move and to inspire.

I'm happy to bring to you a small selection from a range of posters that I have made in the past couple of years.
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